The DAAI+ is a public service. Everything we do has to bring goodness to our audience.

We would like to understand you deeply to give you more inspiration. To do that, we ask you to sign up to access our products and services. We will also use your data to help you in two ways:

1. A more personal DAAI+ for you
It helps us make the DAAI+ more personal for you. It means we can:
– Recommend things that we think you’ll like
– Refer content that’s relevant to where you live
– Make sure everything is appropriate for your age

2. An inspiration from DAAI+ for everyone
As a digital public service, we create something for all family. As more of our content gets
watched online, we would like to understand our users so that we can:
– Make sure we are inspiring everyone
– Learn more about your preferences so that we can inspire better in the future

That’s why we ask you to sign up and provide a bit of information.
But throughout all of this, we’re committed to make sure your personal, private data stays safe and secure.


Page update: 21 December 2021.